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Where to Buy Face Masks Right Now

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone has been wondering where to buy face masks online. Since the coronavirus infested almost all countries, face masks have become a scarce commodity, on the typical retailer shops, whether physical or online shops, these items are always out-of-stock.

Can Face Mask Protect You From the Virus

Wearing a mask does not guarantee your protection from the virus. Its primary purpose is to slow down the spread of the virus and protect the others if in case you already have it.

Although viruses are a thousand times smaller than bacteria and highly infectious because they are almost everywhere, wearing protection is better than nothing. The primary purpose of the face mask is to catch the droplets that you might release as you cough, speak, or sneeze. Droplets are capable vehicles where the virus can travel from one person to another.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), aside from wearing a mask, you should also observe proper distancing and wash your hands frequently.

Do You Need to Wear a Face Mask

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) previously indicated that people who do not have direct contact with the infected person should not wear a mask. However, CDC changed it and now recommends everyone to wear it, especially in public.

Therefore, there is a surge in demand for face masks. Thankfully, these masks do not have to be N95 or surgical. Those types are for those who are working at the frontline, such as medical practitioners.

At a community-level, you can wear simple masks that you can make on your own.

Where to Buy a Face Mask

However, not everyone is willing to make his or her face mask. Others prefer to buy a face mask rather than make an effort to create one. Although face masks on retail stores are often sold-out, you can still find some stocks in other stores.

You can find some face masks in the following:

  • Online e-commerce that caters on general goods such as Amazon
  • Online e-commerce that focuses on arts and crafts, such as Etsy
  • Rave fashion stores
  • Fashion shops
  • Tailor shops
  • Office supplies shops
  • Some electronic shops, such as Newegg

You can still try to find some stocks on large e-commerce sites, such as Amazon. Some artisans sell their designs in the form of a face mask on sites like Etsy.

You can also find one that is colorful and stylish in fashion shops. Face masks are a must-have accessory of ravers, which is why you can buy one there.

As you notice, some of these stores are the least among your expectations that would sell face masks, but they do. Now that you know where to buy face masks, you have no excuse for not wearing one in public.