Understanding the Pros and Cons of Telemedicine Doctors- Making the Right Choice

When it comes to getting the treatment, we come across several options. We have various clinics and hospitals around us that can offer healthcare services. However, we will have to choose the ones, that are convenient, affordable and high-quality. These days, telemedicine doctor has become more popular than ever before. These doctors can remotely connect with their patients and give the treatment. Before opting for this type of health care service, it is suggested to assess its merits and demerits as elaborated below: 

Advantages of telemedicine doctor

  • Convenience and accessibility – First, the patient does not have to move out of his home if he wants to get treatment for a medical condition such as fracture, spine injury and mental disorder. The patient can share his condition and get advice from the expert over the phone. He does not have to visit the clinic physically and hence, is more convenient.
  • Cost-effective method of treatment- The patient, as well as the doctor, is able to save a good amount of money if they use telemedicine. The doctor’s fees are less compared to hospital charges. Additionally, the doctor saves on the overhead costs and offers the same treatment in the comfort of his home. It will save unnecessary costs such as transportation, electricity and other charges, which have to be spent, by both physician and patient if they meet in person.
  • Better standards of hygiene– With the help of a telemedicine doctor, you are likely to get less infected because your exposure to other patients and medical staff is minimal. Due to the pandemic, hygiene plays a vital role in everyone’s life. That’s why, it is suggested to opt for a telemedicine doctor if you are concerned about hygiene.

Disadvantages of a telemedicine doctor

There are some demerits of a telemedicine doctor as mentioned below:

  • Training for telemedicine doctors- Apart from their profession, these medical practitioners have to learn the latest technologies to work on these platforms so that they can offer smooth and flawless services to their patients. It might be an additional burden for them if they are busy doctors.
  • Lack of touch and feel- In many cases, a doctor has to touch the affected area of a patient for the proper diagnosis. During an online appointment, the doctor may not be able to diagnose the problem in an efficient manner.

Depending on your preferences, you can opt for the best way. 

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