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Undergoing Breast Reduction Procedure

If your breasts are large and heavy than breast reduction surgery is a procedure for you. It is also known as reduction mammoplasty, which can reshape the breasts and make them firmer and younger-looking. Your nipples can also be resized and repositioned if you wish.

Not for every woman big breasts are better breasts.  It is not just the size that is important. As the woman gets older, she understands more that the contours, shape, evenness, and proportion also play a big role in the body’s image. Many women wish their breasts are bigger, but there are also as many women who wish that their breasts are smaller.

Smith Plastic Surgery is a type of cosmetic surgery that improves or restores a patient’s appearance by altering or restoring facial features.

Vertical breast reduction

If you want to resize your breasts, you can consult with a doctor who specializes in breast reduction at Breast & Body Clinic and get more information at first hand. This procedure will restore proper proportions to your breast size. The doctor will achieve that by removing glandular tissue and excess breast fat from the breast.

Problems with big breasts

The main cause why women undergo breast reduction procedure is because their breasts are disproportionately large. This means that the woman’s breasts are so big that they cause a difference in body proportions. These kinds of breasts can cause mental distress. Women can feel insecure and they are usually trying to compress and hide their breasts.

Besides emotional issues, there are also physical. These breasts are adding extra weight to your body, and you most probably experience back neck and shoulder pain. Big breasts can cause skin irritation and they interfere during your physical activities. Also, bra straps can cut into the skin due to breasts heaviness and cause poor circulation in that area.

How does breast reduction procedure look like?

During this procedure, you will be in general anesthesia. The doctor will make a vertical incision on your breasts, so he could remove excess fat tissue and glandular tissue. Many women have big sagging breasts, so besides breast reduction, they can undergo breast lift at Breast & Body Clinic to achieve amazing results.

T incision method for very big and sagging breasts

For severely sagging, large breasts, the inverted T incision method is a solution. This method includes vertical incision, but the doctor will do a one more, horizontal incision along the breast fold. After breast tissue is removed, and the incisions are closed, the scar will remain.

There is one more method, that can help you resize your breasts, and that is liposuction. This procedure is usually performed on overweight women and older women. The liposuction technique can reduce breast size by about  50%. Recovery time is short, the scarring is minimal and there is little pain, but results cannot be drastic as with the surgical method.

Final word

Reducing your breast size will enhance your confidence and improve your physical issues. It is very important to have a good surgeon who is a specialist for breast procedures, so you can get results that you desire.