Supplements: Food Supplements Facilitating Bone Repair

Supplements: Food Supplements Facilitating Bone Repair

Considered a trace element, strong silicon has a say in good health of the bone system and the joints and spheres of the body put to the test during sports practice. Strong silicon will be effective in the prevention of musculoskeletal accidents such as sprains, tendinitis, and strains. In case of fractures, it helps bone consolidation. Strong silicon from SNAC Official for example also relieves strained and painful joints.

Organic Spirulina

It has been known for many years that spirulina is a food supplement for athletes of choice. Not only is it energizing for the whole body, but it is a good companion during physical exertion. Consumed before and during training, spirulina is a natural reservoir of energy for athletes practicing hiking or climbing, especially since it is easy to carry. In the context of combat sports, spirulina allows the reduction of caloric intake without lowering muscle mass. It also allows athletes to avoid anemia caused by a lack of iron. During competitions, some athletes demand so much from their bodies that they risk being deficient. Spirulina will limit them and act as a natural dopant.

What Is The Best Vitamin For Sports?

It is difficult to answer this question, as all vitamins have a role to play in keeping the body of amateur sportspeople or high-level athletes in good shape. Each of them will act specifically and will target the needs.

Vitamin D: Many athletes suffer from vitamin D deficiency. This deficiency usually leads to fractures and other forms of musculoskeletal pain. Knowing that it is a crucial vitamin for bone health, it is therefore important to consume it during intensive sports practice.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E and other antioxidant vitamins can “mop up” free radicals, thus preventing their harmful effects on the body.

Vitamin K: This vitamin promotes blood clotting. High-level athletes (and even amateurs!) are often at risk of injury during training or daily practice. Vitamin K will be an ideal companion.

The Group Of B Vitamins

Folate or vitamin B9: Folic acid plays an essential role in the production of red blood cells. For optimal athletic performance with Pro-Night, there needs to be a good supply and circulation of blood throughout the body.

Vitamin B6: This vitamin plays a huge role in cell metabolism. The conversion of food into usable energy is important for an athlete’s optimal performance.

Vitamin B12: This is one of the most studied vitamins. It is known to boost energy and improve the formation of red blood cells. Its combination also facilitates the conversion of creatine into phosphocreatine.