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Singing Bowls

Singing bowls are a wonderful way to transport yourself via your imagination to the Himalayan mountains of Tibet, to a time and a place where Buddhist monks meditate for hours amongst the beautiful temples and evocative landscapes of the Tibetan plateau.

The healing qualities of singing bowls have been understood for years by Buddhist monks, but what exactly are singing bowls, and how do they create such  a blissful resonance with so many of us?

What Are singing Bowls?

Singing bowls are indeed just that. They are bowls that sing, or more accurately, that vibrate. and resonate. A form of musical instrument, they produce a beautiful, calming sound when struck or played with a beater. Singing bowls come in a variety of sizes, from a few centimetres to over a meter in diameter. The varying sizes produce different overtones and harmonics which resonate with the cells in the body, helping to realign them to their correct frequency.

The Science of Singing Bowls

Throughout history many cultures have used sound resonance as a means of healing.

The human body is made of an estimated thirty trillion (30,000,000,000,000) cells. Every single one of these cells has its own structure and purpose, and vibrates at a specific frequency when working properly.

This vibration frequency allows the subtle energies of the universe to flow through our bodies more easily, connecting us with the life force of the universe. When we get sick, one or more of our organs changes its base frequency, meaning these subtle energies cannot travel throughout our bodies as easily. There is a dis-ease of energy movement throughout the body.

How do They Work?

The soothing tones of singing bowls resonate with our cells, helping them vibrate at their proper frequency. The harmonious balance of the cells in our body is essential and is directly connected to our wellness. Scientists at the University of Montreal ( performed an experiment using a form of seismology to identify the vibrational frequencies of a variety of cells. They concluded that our cells do indeed vibrate at varying frequencies.

Health Benefits of Singing Bowls

Among the proposed benefits of singing bowls are the following:

  • Enables deep relaxation and chakra balancing
  • Promotes stillness, oneness and mindfulness
  • Greatly reduces anxiety, stress, lowering blood pressure
  • Stimulates the immune system to protect against bacteria and viruses
  • Focuses the mind before, during and after meditation
  • Increases the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream

To experience the full effects of singing bowls, it is advised you use them daily. Buying a range of sizes will help you access a wider range of harmonics and overtones, to keep your subtle energies running harmoniously throughout your body.