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Pellet Fix Treatment By Adam & Eve Medical Esthetics

Regardless of whether one fight against sun damage, signs of maturation, broken skin, scars, stretch marks, disordered body hair, baldness, difficult muscle-fat ratio, or basically the need to update the features the talented and exceptionally Specialists Qualified doctors to offer personalized therapy intending to turn the tasteful dreams into reality. Find a variety of treatment options and let the self shine!

Pellet Fix

The hormone replacement treatment Pellet Fix of Adam & Eve Medical Aesthetics is ​​a variant of the chemical treatment that aggravates the necessary chemicals in a bioidentical pellet structure to be placed under the skin, enabling the body to assimilate and profit from them. Mature numerous results in the body. While some of them modify the natural appearance, others change the way one feels inside. A street to feel better starts with chemical treatment, which restores the chemicals to their ideal levels.

Chemical Use

Pellet treatment is a version of the chemical therapy that intensifies the necessary chemicals in a bioidentical pellet structure to be placed under the skin, enabling the body to ingest and profit from them. This treatment is indicated for individuals who have low or unbalanced chemical levels.

Gender Difference 

The type of chemical used by pellets depends on whether one is male or female. Male bodies need a specific testosterone measure to prevent indications such as erectile weakness, loss of volume, discouragement, irritability, and mental problems. Subsequently, the type of chemical treatment with pellets suitable for men is testosterone, which is bioidentical to what would be ideally administered by the body. However, female bodies need an alternative type of chemical treatment with pellets since the female body depends much on estrogen. To reverse the problems, such as hot flames, cold hands and feet, restlessness, discouragement, weight gain, lack of sexual interest or sleep deprivation, women would need treatment with estrogen-rich sediment and containing testosterone for achieving their ideal chemical levels.

The Chemical Composition

Since this chemical composition of Pellet Therapy is made uniquely, it is tailored to the body’s individual needs so that one gets the precise measurements of chemicals. Pellets are made with plants, and all are the size of a grain of rice. One must obtain this treatment from an accomplished and humane supplier who knows exactly what the body’s balance requires. From the initial encounter to the existing system and post-addiction care, Adam and Eve Medical Esthetics medical experts work with one every step of the way.