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Natural Beauty & Skin Care Products That Are Very Popular

The cosmetic and skin care industries are growing exponentially, as more and more people look to improve their appearance and general well-being, and the growing trend is for products that only contain natural ingredients. If you are looking for top quality beauty & skin care products, here are a few that are very popular today.

Face Masks

These are very effective at cleansing and rejuvenating the skin and a face mask sheet (known as มาร์คหน้าชีท in Thai) is very easily applied and once it is time, simply remove it and it leaves your skin clean and fresh. If you apply the face mask just prior to sleeping, it will have a good few hours to work its magic, and when you wake up in the morning, simply remove the mask and your skin will feel clean and fresh and ready to apply make-up.

Acne Products

Many young women suffer with acne, yet there are some great products on the market that keep the skin clean and oil-free, which hinders the forming of acne spots and key ingredients like aloha vera are ideal for treating acne. Cucumber is another natural ingredient that is commonly found in acne creams and soothing gels, and when applied morning and evening, most people see their acne recede within a few days and with continued use, the problem often vanishes.

Sunscreen Products

We all know just how harmful the suns UV rays are to our skin, which is why most women regularly use a sunscreen, which is usually in a cream form. The skin cream provides a high level of UV protection and is waterproof and will not dissipate when you sweat and contains a high level of Vitamin E, which nourishes the skin.

Body Lotions and Scrubs

It is essential to maintain healthy and glowing skin, and with top quality body lotions that protect and nourish at the same time, your skin will always feel clean and fresh. Some body lotions also incorporate skin-whitening agents, as most Asian women worry about the effects of the sun on the shade of their skin, and with a range of scrubs that defoliate and cleanse the skin, you can be sure of the best skin care with regular use.


This product range comes in many various forms, with essences from rose, witch hazel and cucumber that are known to be very good for the skin. Anti-ageing serums can hide wrinkle and slight blemishes, leaving your skin feeling tighter, which reduces the wrinkle effect. Serums typically moisturise the skin without making it oily, while also encouraging the growth of new skin cells, especially using collagen, which is the body’s natural nourishment for our skin.

When you are looking for skin care and beauty products, always look for items that only contain natural ingredients, then you can be sure that your skin will not be harmed by chemicals and toxins. If you would like to view an extensive range of skin care products, a Google search will bring up a list of established online suppliers who stock a wide range of skin care products that include all of the above.