Live Resin Or Rosin – Which Is Better?

Live Resin Or Rosin – Which Is Better?

About live rosin

Rosin is formed by applying pressure and high heat to the hash or buds to secrete resin from the plant. It contains a high quantity of CBD and THC, which make it a good product. Live rosin requires skillfully forming a proper material to create a very high-grade final product. The amount of heat and pressure can manipulate the rosin to create an ideal final product of your choice. Most of the final product looks like a cold cure finish. The taste tells us more about its quality, the better it tastes, and the high quality of a product.

About live resin

The extraction process is complicated and requires skill to make it. The plant is first cryogenically frozen immediately after harvest. After that, the resin is extracted using a solvent of hydrocarbons like propane or butane. These are then removed once we get our final product. Resin is made of two important structures, namely terpenes and cannabinoids. Generally, its texture looks sugary, soft and pliable, and it has a lovely amber colour. Its great texture, good flavour, and incredibly potent texture often looked like a high-end product.

Difference between live resin vs rosin

Now let discuss live resin vs rosin and find out their difference between them. Resin requires the use of complicated extraction methods, whereas rosin can be made at home. Rosin extraction is also easy as some dispensaries offer a chance to their customers to make their rosin. To form resin, you need cryogenic equipment and hydrocarbon solvent (highly flammable) and special storage to store, whereas rosin does not need any equipment. It only needs a high temperature and pressure that is available at any home.

Which one is best?

It is difficult to choose between resin and rosin because they both have many terpenes, but live resin contains little more than rosin, which is difficult to find by a normal user. Rosin is not prepared with any chemical, whereas resin needs a solvent such as butane which is harmful if consumed, so here rosin win. Medically resin is more beneficial than rosin because of high terpenes that offer benefits, but people usually prefer rosin over resin because, in its production, no harmful solvent is used. Live resin treats anxiety, depression, nausea, lack of appetite and insomnia. Rosin is cheaper than live resin because of its extraction process. So if we see overall, the rosin is preferred over resin as it is less expensive and natural.