Insomnia: Your Lack Of Sleep Has Repercussions On Your Behavior

Insomnia: Your Lack Of Sleep Has Repercussions On Your Behavior

The second sign of this disorder concerns the effective repercussions of your sleep disorder on your daily life:  You feel more anxious overall: the slightest stressful situation is perceived as insurmountable, thus causing you anxiety. For example, a meeting that shifts gives you anxiety. You need help and supplements like lice treatment portland for example.

You feel that your mood is more unstable: You tend to be more easily irritated in the event of the unexpected. For example, you had planned to have dinner with your family, but one of your family members had to cancel. This cancellation gives you negative feelings and can make you go from joy to anger.

You feel more vulnerable to stress, regardless of any other external event: for example, going to the supermarket to do your shopping or to cook gives you stress. You are less and less motivated to carry out certain tasks: fatigue takes over your motivation, and you have difficulty concentrating both at work and in your personal life.

You develop addictive behaviors: to cope with fatigue, you resort to addictive behaviors such as alcohol abuse, excessive smoking, or cannabis consumption.

If you recognize yourself in one or more of these insomnia symptoms, then you can consider that this sleep disorder is starting to impact your personal life significantly.

Put An End To Insomnia

Tick, Knock! The clock is ticking, and you are anxious about not being able to sleep. You feel very alone in the face of your insomnia. Neither the medical profession nor your loved ones seem to hear your distress. You are tired and have no more energy for anything, which repercussions all aspects of your life and fulfillment.

Here is what digital therapy will bring you, based on clinically by LiceDoctors for example observed results in our patients who have had insomnia.

You will:

  • Find more serenity at bedtime
  • Reconcile with sleep
  • Learn to soothe your mind
  • Be fitter and more fulfilled daily

You suffer from headaches regularly

One of the symptoms of insomnia is suffering from headaches. Headaches are a pain in part of the head. It can also include the skull, upper neck, face, or inside of the head. In a way, we can talk about chronic migraine when the headaches are associated with sleep disturbances. Between 70 and 80% of patients who suffer from chronic migraines have insomnia symptoms. This vicious circle is, in some cases, difficult to break. You may experience headaches before going to bed. Just the thought of seeing your bed gives you a headache. The brain reacts by reflex: the bed is, for him, synonymous with anxiety. Migraines can also appear when you wake up after a rough night where you have spent more time awake than asleep. Your body thus manifests its exhaustion. By repairing your sleep and finding solutions to end your sleep disorders, you will also eliminate the headaches that make you live like hell. Different methods can thus help you to free yourself from your ailments. These methods will be explained in the next part of our article.

Good To Know

The frequency of insomnia symptoms determines whether the disorder is severe or chronic: insomnia will be considered chronic when you can spot one or more of these symptoms 3 times a week over 3 months