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7 Amazing Tips to Help You Choose the Right Lash Extensions and Stylist

Eyelash extensions are a wonderful tool to enhance women’s beauty. However, they should be chosen carefully, so should be the technician who’d apply them.

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Then once you apply them, you have to carefully maintain them. In short, before diving into the lash extensions’ world, you’ll have to learn and remember a few things.

1. Your Lash Artist Should be Qualified

Take the time to research about your lash technician. Today YouTube videos on how to apply lash extensions are available in abundance. Is your lash extension expert such a self-taught professional?

Not only do these videos describe how to isolate each lash properly to apply the extensions, but also, they teach about the chemistry of the ingredients in the glue used for it.

You should make sure that your lash expert bothers to verify that there is nothing harmful (such as formaldehyde) in the products they will be using on your lashes.

2. Remember that Lash Extensions can be Customised

Lash extensions are available in various lengths, thicknesses and curl types so as to blend perfectly with your real lashes.

You don’t always have to have super-thick, dramatic lashes. You can even get the best eyelash extensions Sydney from Fancy Lash that look as if you’ve just worn a few more coats of mascara.

3. Cleanse Your Lash Extensions

Although you should be wary of wetting your lash extensions, it’s imperative to wash them every day.

Your lashes are meant to stop dirt and debris from entering your eyes. This dirt can accumulate on your extensions.

Therefore gently wash your lashes with diluted baby shampoo (one tbsp. of shampoo added to one cup of distilled water) once daily.

4. Groom the Lash Extensions

After each appointment, like that of the classic lash extensions at Fancy Lash, your technician should provide you a clean spoolie brush that can help you keep your lashes aligned.

Use this spoolie to brush the extensions lightly all through the day to prevent any mess.

5. Use Silk Pillowcases

If you love silk pillowcases, now you have a good reason to use them. They not only prevent wrinkles, but also prevent harm to your lash extensions.

While you’re sleeping, your head keeps tossing and turning and your lash extensions keep rubbing against the pillowcase.

In that scenario, cotton pillowcases can cause friction, while silk smoothly glides protecting your lashes.

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6. Maintain Your Lash Extensions

You follow your hair colour routine or waxing schedule strictly. Once you apply lash extensions, you have to strictly follow the schedule of their tune-up as well.

Don’t forget to refill them every three weeks so as to make them look full, fresh and even.

7. Compare Prices

Like most other things, eyelash extensions too are not the exception to the rule “you get what you pay for” and price determines quality.

However, some lash extension stylists may overcharge while some others may undercharge. Here examining the pictures of their work is important.

Choosing good lash extensions and lash extension stylist is important from point of view of looking gorgeous with your lash extensions. So, choose them carefully and enjoy your new fresh look.