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5 Things Beginners Must Know About Waxing at Home

You might have missed a salon appointment or needed to suddenly change plans, giving you no time to get body hair removed professionally. No problem. This is when a quick waxing session at home comes in handy. It is one of the safest ways to get rid of unwanted hair and saves money and minutes too. Plus, it is completely hygienic and easy.

When done with the right technique and easy-to-use waxing kits, there are very few chances of bumps and irritation too. However, beginners need to be aware of the correct procedure. This will help you get the best possible hair removal results and save you from injury. So, if you are about to wax at home for the first time, here are a few things to know beforehand.

1.    Skin Preparation

Using the best wax strips for underarms ensures your hair grows back softer, finer and fewer. Before beginning, clean the area to be worked upon. Use chemical free products to exfoliate and scrub. This can remove the dead cells, oil and dirt. Make sure to dry the skin and avoid putting lotions or serums. Also, certain creams for fine lines and acne can make the skin susceptible to injury. So, if you are planning a waxing session at home, consider adjusting the dosage first.

2.    Pain Management

Be it salon methods or DIY waxing kits, the process can be slightly painful. However, such pain can be tolerated by most women when done on the arms, legs and body. But, if you are using body wax on the underarms or other sensitive areas, consider applying the right amount. Thick wax can be difficult to pull off. Also, lowering caffeine and alcohol intake beforehand is known to make the process more comfortable. You can also use wax strips that are comparatively less painful.

3.    Skin Protection

The best wax strips for the legs and arms ensure a relatively painless experience. However, some people might notice skin reactions afterwards. The best way to tackle such issues is to take a cold shower or use a cold compress after waxing. This can prevent inflammation and redness. Consider wearing loosely fitted clothes in case the skin is too sensitive. Apply mild gels to keep the area fresh and relaxed.

4.    Time Commitment

Although a comparatively quick process, make sure not to rush it. Otherwise, you will not be able to ensure completely hair-free skin. This is because the strip cannot grab the hair unless pressed against the skin for some time. Plus, pulling too hard can have adverse consequences. Further, dropping the raw strips here and there can get messy. Therefore, take out at least 15-20 minutes to complete the process smoothly.

5.    Read the Instructions

Before waxing, make sure to read the usage instructions well. Watch video guides and keep the tips in mind. Know the ideal areas where cold wax strips can be used to avoid any irritation. For example, these are not suitable for the genitals, nipples, nose, ears and face. In fact, waxing is not recommended for diabetic patients and anyone who is on oral retinoid. Lastly, always test your skin reaction with a small patch beforehand.

It is always recommended to trim the hair if they are longer than 5 mm. Also, avoid scratching and using perfumed products for up to 24 hours. Seek medical advice in case of unusual skin symptoms.