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4 Myths Debunked about Wearing Surgical Bras after Breast Augmentation

If you are preparing to get breast augmentation done, your surgeon might have suggested you to get post-surgical bras to wear after the surgery.

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When you inquire about the surgical bra, you may hear different opinions and may get confused.

Here are some myths and facts about surgical bra that will make you understand how it’s beneficial to wear such a bra during your recovery period.

Myth 1 – Wearing a Sports Bra is Enough

Fact – A sports bra, as its name suggests, is meant for wearing during sports. It provides the required support to the breasts during sports.

However, after the breast augmentation surgery, breasts need a special compression for which only the surgical bra is useful.

It’s crucial to have the correct implant position and fixation and it should be retained during the recovery phase. Such a fixation and positioning cannot be achieved by using a sports bra.

Myth 2 – Wearing No Bra after Surgery is Good

Fact – Breast support is extremely important after any type of surgery whether it’s augmentation, reduction or lift.

All these surgeries take some time to let your breasts recover fully and the final results fully achieve.

This is the time when your breasts need a special support and care which can be given only by a surgical bra.

While inquiring about breast augmentation before and after treatment at PCLS Coffs Harbour, for example, you’ll come to know that a surgical bra is specially made so that it can offer the required support as well as compression.

Implants are surrounded by the tissue and if the breasts and implants are not compressed and supported by the surgical bra, there is a risk of change of position of implants and loosening and thereby dropping of the tissue.

These undesirable phenomena can adversely cause extensive asymmetry.

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Myth 3 – A Swimsuit or No Bra is Fine after 2-3 Weeks

Fact – Response to surgery and recovery is different for every patient. It also depends on the method of augmentation.

If the implants are placed under the mammary gland, the process of formation of supportive capsule around the implant takes place faster.

This helps the patient to get back to her routine sooner and also to make the healing and recovery smoother than the method in which the implants are placed under the muscle.

However, whatever method is used, the patient needs to wear a surgical compressive bra because it provides the breasts and implants the necessary support and compression that help keep the implants in a correct and fixed position.

It’s recommended by most surgeons to wear the surgical bra for 6 to 8 weeks after the procedure.

However, this period can also vary according to particular features and health conditions of each patient.

Myth 4 – Surgical Bra are Uncomfortable

Fact – Surgical bras are made as per the latest technology and from the best and certified materials.

They have an outstanding design, finishing and special features that offer high comfort and usefulness in daily life during the entire recovery period and even later on.

All in all, surgical bra is useful in any breast surgery including breast liposuction surgery Coffs Harbour from PCLS Coffs Harbour.

So, have you started the shopping of surgical bras?